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I hope you are feeling better!!! Thank you for the chance to win this!!


An ipad mini!
Thanks for the giveaway.

nicole o

A long lost friend sent me a bag of locally (to her) brewed coffee.. it was such a kind gesture, a surprise out of the blue.. warmed my heart!! :)


My kindle last year! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Oops...not an Australian resident. Can't win. =)

Adrienne R

The gift of the moment which didn't make it to Christmas either was $4 of vintage building blocks from our local op shop. There have been hours of creativity and construction, what more do you need than castles with slides to bring a smile.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Traveling Mama

My husband took photos of my three kids without telling me and gave them to me, printed and framed for Christmas. Definitely one of my favorite gifts ever!


I was newly married and my husband surprised me outside of work with roses and dinner plans. he had a to travel out of town for business. thanks


My boyfriend (now husband) surprised me with diamond earrings one year for Christmas.


The gift that surprised me the most was the gift of doing an act of service on Christmas Day. We were asked by our neighbors to join them on Christmas Day to say hello and visit with the elderly at a nursing home close-by. Instead of our usual tradition of staying in pjs all day and hanging out, we got dressed and took our first little newborn (now we are pregnant with #4) to spread the love of Christ. What I learned from that day, that I will never forget and we now repeat every year, is that giving, even in the form of ten minutes of conversation or a simple smile is worth far more than words can express. The season is about celebrating the birth of our Savior and what better way to do that than to emulate His work. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story! :)

Kimberley Belford

My engagement ring on my birthday.
I honestly had NO IDEA.
I seen the white bag white the gold Diamond International sticker on it and started to shake.
I said Oh you didnt LOL , thank god he did hahahah


The best present was seeing my family altogether again after 10 years. It was so surreal

Stephanie G

The best surprise gift was my beautiful child, Mariah. We were told she would not make it, but she was born (mostly) healthy a week before Christmas. She turned 13 yesterday! :)

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