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Emmalene Roberts

Love these! Any ideas where you can purchase them??

Khali Whatley

Emmalene, you can find them here: http://www.fingerinthenose.com/e-store/accessories/1079-original-aj-s-toy-boarders-.html
They're unfortunately out of stock.


These are cool! Now you'll have to dress up like the green skateboarders for Halloween! Have you seen the guy dressed up like the green army man for Halloween? It was floating around the internet for a while. great costume, but this would be even better! :)

scarpe hogan

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cas webb

these are so cute :)

toy army men

These army men are really cool. the presence of green color also makes it more attractive. the plastic skater boys are really amazing!!!

Playmobil Toys To Go

I do remember playing plastic army with my friends before. We had a good time playing that green thing. This time, green plastic skater boards will make your day playful and satisfying. Hand your kids with this toy.

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Your articles are purely enough for me.

Tracey at chalkboard living

We had some army men given to us. I much prefer these. Very cool!

OBEY Snapback

Sticks are always swords or guns regardless of how much you cajole them to think otherwise.


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