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Jean Bauer

You have a lovely weekend too!

Amber Liddle

I just love that white board idea! So easy and cute.

Krystal Hurst

I love that whiteboard idea! I think this would be great for birthdays too!

What a great blog post idea as well! It's a great way to reflect on the week without overwhelming your readers with pictures.


Great finds! I know the source for the boy with the carrot boutonniere. Abbey runs a great blog and it's her son, so if you want to edit your pin source here it is: http://aestheticoutburst.blogspot.com/2011/03/20-in-20-giveaway-bonus-day-24.html

I followed your pin link and it was to the homepage, so just thought I'd help clarify if you were curious. :)

Logo Design

What a beautiful idea!! So thoughtful and unique. I don't want to wish any time away but I almost can't wait for my 2 yr old to be able to pack a lunch so I can put this on a sandwich :)


Amazing post! Besides the blog just being awesome, this page is too sweet! This blog is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this one.

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