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Um... how fabulous is that chair?

I just finished turning the guest bedroom of our two-bedroom townhouse into a nursery (the little one is due Friday!). It's tricky trying to fit everything you need into a small space.



I'm in love with the pear painting!

Lee Kleinhelter

Thanks Khali for your nice post. The space is actually meant to be a small den. We moved in last minute. Sometimes its the things you don't spend a lot of time planning that work out the best in the end. Have a great day:)

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

This is an amazing room, I really like the whole vibe going on here! The shelving and that pear art is really sublime....

Little Gray Pixel

LOVE that cabinet.
We changed our library into the nursery. It was the underused room in our 2-bedroom apartment, anyway, so it was a good excuse to purge a lot of stuff and move our large bookshelf into the living room, where it gets more play.

Angela Shepherd

I love IKEA. Glad there is one near me.


Now my first thought was how much fun baby is going to have taking all the clothes off the hangers ... Beautiful but practical?

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My beautiful little girl is frequently referred to as "him" or "he" by strangers when we are out and about. I like to think it's due to my preference for dressing her in navy or red, but suspect it's probably because of her hair.... or rather, lack thereof!

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Wonderful chair. I like it's round leg with beautiful design. Thanks for sharing this one.


What wallpaper is that?? The room is amazing.

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I really like the whole vibe going on here! The shelving and that pear art is really sublime...



I've just stumbled onto your blog and though I don't have kids, scrolling through post after gorgeous post is definitely making me think about gettin' down to it. Ha! You've got a new follower in me- I am in love with everything. And I seriously wish I had freakishly small feet to fit into Joyfolie shoes now. *Pine*

Have a great weekend!

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That chair is amazing, was that also from IKEA?

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Amazing room, thanks for sharing.

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