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I've seen this one before, and I love it as much this time as the last time! And yes, we had themed birthday's for both years so far. The first was 'have a ball' and there were balls everywhere! The second was dragon tales and we made dragon wings for all the kids!

Traveling Mama

This is seriously just too cute!!

Love and Lollipops

I love this! I love a red, white and blue colour combo, so I think this is just perfect!

We had a Dalmation theme for my first born...black, white and red...not my favourite colur combo, but it made for very effective party decor :).

And, Curious George for my second son's first birthday, with red and yellow being the primary colours. Lots of balloons and lots of monkeys...real ones and not :)...made for a great party theme!


For my daughter's first birthday in October we are using the theme Very Hungry Caterpillar. I am SO excited about her party! It's hard to believe the first year goes so quickly!


For my daughter's first birthday, we did a "pretty in pink" theme:


ning fathia

Oh yes, there are some things such as over decorated party. This one is simply nice!

Dulce Sobremesa

It´s great to see our work here! Thank you little lovely!!!!

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גני אירועים

Happy birthday! I like celebrate the birthday with such creative ideas. Great job done by you.


Great job!!! I've been looking for ideas for my daughters pink elephant 1st birthday. I love the elephant!!!! Its the perfect design. I want something simple.


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