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Wow!!! I love all of the details! Charlotte is one lucky little girl : )

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

You achieved RAINBOW HEAVEN!! One day your little sweetheart is going to look back at some photos and hopefully tell you how completely AWESOME you were to do this for her!


Oh wow Khali - the dessert table is amazing! With the cake, did you have to convert all the measurements into metric or did you just follow the US measurements as is?


Wow girl!! Everything looks perfect. So bright and cheerful! Happy Birthday Charlotte!


Oh, goodness. I just love all the details! Beautiful, wonderful job!


It looks like a dream!...a really fun and happy one. Great job!


Shirleen - I followed the US measurements because I wanted to be as exact as I could. Hope this helps!


What a gorgeous party, so happy and bright, and magical.

Ashlea Walter

Amazing party! This year I felt like rainbow parties were all over the blogosphere, but you created some incredibly thoughtful details. Those milk shots with colored sprinkle rims? Yesssss.

Very inspiring!


Wonderful and bright birthday party you hosted! Just lovely!


Gorgeous website! I'll definitely be checking back. My daughter's 2nd birthday is coming up... :)

Betty Bake

love it!!!
so fun and beautiful

well done

Betty Bake x

lori marie

i love the sprinkles around the rim of the glasses!!

charlotte looks beautiful in her flower crown ♥ xx


Wow, your creative details are so cute - thanks for the inspiration. =)

Mariel Heart

The colors and bright and cheery images make this blog the best I've seen. So fresh and so clean! I'm not a mom yet, but a sister to a mom to be, and I found you through Tweed's facebook page about the gift certificate for Mama Moderne (whose animals are meant for cuddling and I want to gift one to my nephew-to-be!). I will definitely be sharing you with all of my mommy girlfriends and my sister! Keep sharing your creativity; it is truly an inspiration!

Betty Bake

thanks for the email :) it was such a lovely surprise... if you ever want to collaborate on anything let me know ... ofcourse i couldn't be sure what... food and little kids?

i have a 7 year old daughter :)
you kids are growing so cutely

Betty Bake x

Jessica Trahan

Just Amazing, from every little detail. Super impressed with this. My 4 yr old would love this!

Tsuki Fox

amazing!! the milk glasses are my favorite touch!

kristy {the purple pug}

Adore the ribbons on the balloons. I am the sprinkle + milk shot chick:) Astoundingly beautiful + charming party.


oh, how I love. we are planing a rainbow theme for the beginning of August. you blew my ideas out of the water. I think I may have to try some. how did you get the sprinkles to stick to the cups? just water.

love your blog

Ruth Pfeiffer

This truely was a beautiful 2 year old birthday party. I love the rainbow birthday cake, what a neat surprise when you cut into it. I will keep that cake in mind for my grand daughters next birthday.


Love everything about this party! The cake is to dye for! :)
Definitely going to try my hand at making the cake! Brilliant!


holy amazing! what a beautiful party...thanks for sharing :)

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Please tell me how to get the sprinkles to stick to the glass??


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