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I just love the theme and the detail you went to. Everything was so well coordinated and looked so aestehtically pleasing to the eye. Such fun for a two year old.


Happy Birthday little guy! By the amount of gift bags it looks like you had a full house for the party. I hope it was a lot of fun. Saya's birthday is coming up next month, and I have been really inspired by your blog,but I'm not sure I can come up with something as gorgeous as your party. (Your son is adorable by the way!)


I love this!


Wow! Just amazing!! I love the way you decorated the treats table. Hunter is very lucky to have such a creative Mum!!

Kellie Vega

Khali this is just gorgeous! I wish I was that creative. The dinosaur footprints are a fabulous idea - love it!

Whatever DeeDee Wants

Such a cute party! Thanks for sharing!

Jodee Leader

What a fabulous party! I especially love the colors and the personalized items!


abolutely adorable-who knew dinosaurs could be so cute!


Everything looks so nice, what a beautiful treat you have given your sweetie! Congratulations! irene xoxo


This is great! Love the footprints. We are having a Dino party for my daughters 2nd birthday in a few weeks. Will definitely be borrowing that idea! Thanks.


Everything looks great! I'm sure he had an amazing time!


Dear Amy, Welcome back! I am glad you had a great holiday with the family, miss your tweet and your post.
This is so beautiful and very creative birthday! Thanks for sharing.
Rowaida Flayhan

Jandee Jones

the party set up is beautiful! What an eye you have!


very cute!!! i can see why you were busy the week before! well done!


Super cute!

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The green gift wrapping is nice. It is a new idea and concept of gift wrapping in different and wonderful colors for kids. This is a beautiful way to give them a colorful surprise on birthday.


Lovely work and congrats for being featured on Amy's blog!


Fantastic party! The dinosaur tracks were a clever addition!

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sandy kleist

Beautiful party! You did an amazing job. Hunter is a lucky little boy!

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Would it be okay to feature your party on Yummy Soirees? Thanks!

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so cute i love it !!!

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I hope it was a lot of fun. My mother's birthday is coming up next month, and I have been really inspired by your blog,but I'm not sure I can come up with something as gorgeous as your party.

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The dinosaur theme looks great. we have been asked to do dibnosaur parties before but I have never known where to start. This has given me some great ideas. Thanks

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