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We have 3 kids - a boy (almost 5), a girl (2), and a boy (7 weeks) - and live in a two bedroom apartment, so our two oldest have to share while our little guy co sleeps with us. I find a lot of inspiration in Scandinavian design. They don't do themed rooms here, just clean lines and bright, primary colors that really pop against white. I like that since it's gear toward a specific gender it's a room that they can share and grow with as their interests change from Lightening McQueen to dinosaurs to whatever.


Thanks for your comment, Belle!. Oh, and I love your blog! x


My husband and I have four children and live in a three bedroom house, so our kids all share. We both grew up in large families that had small houses and always shared. We think it's important for our children to understand the importance of knowing how to get along with each other.


Our girls share a room by request. They have shared rooms since they were 4 & 3 and still do now 2 years on. They don't want to be apart! I will take this as long as I can :)

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