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This is such a hard question. I think it's when your heart feels settled and complete. I'm not there. My kids are 19 months apart and I know we are suppose to have #3. It's the timing I'm unsure about.


I can definitely relate to you. When we got married, I told my husband that I had always thought it would be fun to have a larger family. Our first two children are three years apart and we had a boy and a girl, so my husband was not sure that he wanted to try for a third. When my middle daughter was four, I decided that I really wanted to have another baby and my husband agreed. We are now a family of five and our family feels complete. I cannot imagine my life without all three of my children and I am so happy that I decided to have my youngest daughter.


Erica, thanks for sharing your story. My Charlotte is four now, which does seem like a good age to try for number three!


Bethany, I think you're spot on when you say it's right when your heart feels settled and complete. Great advice!


I was one of three girls and growing up I always another sibling - we adored each other but there was something about being left out every once in a while on the roller coaster ride (you know how you have to go in pairs - one of us was usually forced to go with a stranger. I was the eldest so it was always me!!) that stayed with me. Seems silly to think that but there were times when one was always left out. Anyway I always thought I'd have at least two and a maximum of four. I had Zak and layla and knew immediately that she was not my last child. My new minimum was four. Then we had immy just before layla turned 3 and things were great and I didn't really think about another baby too much. Then someone was saying how when she was pregnant with her second child she kept saying to herald "oh this is the last time I will feel a baby move inside me" " the last time I will give birth" and even as her child grew she said "the last time I will see a child smile for the first time" etc and it wasn't sadness, but just fact. I realised I hadn't had that AT ALL! I knew I'd have a fourth the question was when. Annika made our minds up for us and we fell pregnant with her just after we moved into our house. And with this pregnancy and her birth I remember saying those same things to myself! I am done. I don't want to stretch myself too far! And it would be too much on my body - last preg took it out of me!!! Sorry for novel! Was just talking about this yest!!! Xx

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