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I'm very glad you are back.

Lisa Humphries

Such a lovely post that I can really relate to, thank you xox


It's lovely to have you back Khali. X

Khali Whatley

Thanks Sarah, Lisa and Bec xxx

Jodie - Muddled UP Mumma

welcome back Khali xx


So overjoyed to see this post. You should be so proud of yourself. I love you xxx


Lovely post. Read babymac's this morning to. Was a great inspiration for a newby mummy blogger!


I am so happy you are back! Gorgeous thoughts as always. So sad for you about the house.

Rachel from Redcliffe Style

Love post. Rachel x

PS: The house looked amazing, I feel like crying because I can't have it too.

Kathryn Oliphant

I am expecting my first child in June, and I stumbled across your blog whilst looking for inspiration for the nursery.

I kept checking to see if you were back, and I'm over the moon that you're now blogging again!

Keep all the wonderful-ness coming...I have a feeling that I'm going to need you over the next few months and years!


Welcome back! I wondered what happened to you. I feel a similar pull and push with my blog, especially right now with a new babe in our nest. Time is so limited and yet I feel like I really need my online community and also a record of this fleeting time in our lives. Such a conundrum!

All the best to you and I'm glad you've decided to come back.

procrastination mama

Hey Welcome back lady! Xo

Lisa Jay

I'm glad I found your blog. You make a good point in this post. We all need community. While so many of us have attempted to walk away from facebook or blogging etc I think the truth is that there is so much to gain that is good & healthy about a connection made with others. We tend to compare it to the 'real world' but in it's own way it has become the real world because behind every blog there is an actual real person.

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Ning fathia

Welcome back!

And to tell you the truth I just got back from blogging hiatus as well and I started because of the very same reason you wrote up there, postnatal needs of new moms shared experience.

We've never met but I felt like I know you better than my own neighbours :D

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Welcome back! I'm also really glad to see you're back, I've always really enjoyed reading your posts

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