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Dara Robb

I am entering this contest because of my 3 year old little girl, Kierstin. She is TOTALLY obsessed with Dora. Everything is always Dora; Dora cups, plates, balloons, clothing, doll, games, puzzles, etc., haha. Every time the commercial comes on for Dora: The Enchanted Forest she freaks out and screams, "Dora!" Nothing makes me smile more than to see her face every time Dora comes around, I would absolutely love to win this for her and to see her face when she gets the movie! Thank you for the opportunity!


My 3 year old is also obsessed with Dora! She loves her and actually learns a lot from her. The other day I caught her saying "empujen"(Spanish for push!) to the door and I was like, where in the world did she learn that?? She has seen the previews for The Enchanted Forest and that it is coming out in the fall - the other day she said "Mommy, the leaves are falling. That means it's fall! That means we can watch the new Dora movie!" :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Alison Jarman

i would love to introduce dora to my new baby girl! I also think all of my five nieces would love to watch her too!


My 4 year old (Charlotte!) adores Dora!!


Abril is 6 year old and she loves DORA!! It would be a really nice birthday gift :)
Thank you!!

Maria McClure

Both my 6 year old and my 2 year old are CRAZY for Dora!!! they've been anticipating these new adventures for weeks and would be just so excited to win a DVD.

My extra special memory of Dora comes from a trip to Argentina 4 years ago to visit family. Although I speak Spanish fluently my daughters do not so it was a little difficult for my (then 2 year old) daughter to communicate with her cousins. At one point, we popped in a Dora DVD we had brought from the US and all of the cousins sat together to enjoy it. After that, my daughter took more chances with her Spanish and even learned to enjoy watching the DVD in Spanish mode. YAY DORA!!!!


I have a 3 year old who LOVES dora as well. thanks for such a great giveaway!!

Lori L.

My daughter loves Dora! She would love it!


Last night my sister sent me several camera pics of my 2 year old niece glued in front of the screen of an ipad, watching of course: Dora, before she went to bed. First she was in a seated postition, then laying down, then changed her angle, but the whole time she was glued to the screen. What is it about Dora? Maybe I need to start watching it too...haha, dvd might actually be at aunty's house a little longer than expected, then make its way to my little niecey-pooh. When I came across your giveaway it reminded me of her. Cute!

Diana Padilla

My lil Jaydee has found an interesting appeal with Dora the Explorer. She practices her Spanish and likes answering when the question cues come about during the episodes. A Dora DVD sounds like a good gift for my lil Dora fan.

Heidi Holt

Oh my 5 year old niece, Angelina sounds exactly like your daughter Charlotte, a massive Dora fan. She even says some of the Spanish words Dora uses-so sweet. It would be such a joy to see her face at Christmas time when she sees she has a copy of the new Dora DVD..



My youngest daughter LOVES Dora, and she would love to have this DVD. It would make her soooo happy!!


eek! I would LOVE a copy! My daughter is obsessed with Dora, too. She evens speaks pretty good Spanish because of Dora. I love it! Thank you!



I would love to win this for my children. It would make them so happy. Dora has been a favorite since day one for them. Thank you.

Angela Saraceno

My daughter is also Dora obsessed! I have to admit I wasn't a fan at first, but after watching it with her and seeing how happy it makes her (and it is educational) I have now folded and let her watch it. She would be SO happy to have the new DVD!!

gabbie hardin

I am entering because the 26th is my daughter's 2nd birthday and she is OBSESSED with Dora. Not sure the reason but she calls Dora guy. She will say GUY GUY GUY GUY MOMMA GUY GUY. Until I turn it on for her.


my nephew surprisingly loves DORA I think he likes the character Boots more. I would love to win this for him so he can't bug me about watching DORA again for the 100th time!!


I am so glad you are back!
My girl (5) secretly likes Dora, Dora is no longer fashionable in her kindergarten...


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I need to start watching it too...haha, dvd might actually be at aunty's house a little longer than expected, then make its way to my little niecey-pooh.

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I would love to win this for him so he can't bug me about watching DORA again for the 100th time!!

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