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Hey there, I try to eat organic and local ever since I have a little one to feed and I have to agree, it can get quite expensive (in France too). Thanks for the tip!

Sandra Seaman

wow! thank you for posting this! I didn't know it was this easy! My daughter has been drinking almond milk since we found she was allergic to regular milk.

I'll give this a try!!



SOOOOOOOO obsessed with your blog. It's divine!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fantastic!!! Little did I know. YUMMY YUM YUM! Thank you x

Karuna@ Painted and Patched

Ooooo do you think this is ok to freeze?


Nice video! I like to watch it. It's give to easy way to make nut milk. Thanks for sharing this one.

Discount North Face

so pretty.You are a good teacher. Lucky student!

בגדי מעצבים

Amazing video regarding nut milk. I always drink nut milk in early morning. Thanks for sharing such smart way to make it.

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