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Thanks for the suggestion. Darling photo! :)


Thanks for sharing this - I just finished reading 'Cinderella ate my daughter', so this is very timely!


Thanks so much for the article. Even if I try to avoid the "pretty" trap, sometimes its hard... Little girls ARE cute but they're smart as heck too. Thanks for the reminder!

Sophie M. Stillar

Um, are we in the dark ages here? Of COURSE we talk to our daughters about more than their looks. Sheesh.

I must say that when I looked at older posts, there are a lot of "pink"/ballerina/frilly/in-the-kitchen things featured on the blog.

That is fine, but if you have realized that you value more than that for your daughter and feel inspired to treat her beyond how she looks, then perhaps posting more about girls adventures, creativity, sports and, well, less "fluffy" stuff would be inspiring to everyone else as well.

I think it is important for us moms to stop perpetuating any untrue (and unfair) myths about our girls.

Meanwhile, thank you for your blog.


Thank you for your comment.

I have always realised the importance of talking to my daughter about more than just her looks, my mother is a fierce feminist so it was how I was raised.

I saw the article as a reminder of these points, rather than as an introduction to them. Like so many parts of parenting, it's often good to have reminders so we can actively try and live our beliefs on a daily basis.

This blog is specifically about design inspiration for parents of little people, which is why I don't cover adventures, creativity and sports. I can see how it can appear 'fluffy' but it really is only one tiny part of life, much like most blogs are.

Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate your feedback.


Wow Sophie - chill out! Khali's blog is to do with design and beautiful things for children, not parenting per se. I like reading about all the beautiful things that we can surround our kids with. Please keep up the great work Khali

Ning fathia

Mmm I still don't get why frills and pink is connected to raising spoiled little girls who always been complemented about her looks. I can't also find the connection of having your nails painted an not allowed to play soccer. I am sorry but Sophie's comment remind me a lot of my 4th grade gym teacher. He was always underestimating girls with long locks and/or wore ribbons and/or had "the little mermaid backpack". I was one of those girls, and I love kicking balls, jumping high, and getting dirty in a muddy field. I may not run the fastest but that doesnt mean I dont have fun doing sport and outdoor activities.

Why can't girls idolize snow white and david beckham at the same time?


Great post by Joanna! Something I never considered when speaking to young girls. And I think of myself as a feminist.

I like Ning's comment too, because it's a reminder to also recognize/celebrate femininity. The term "girl" or "girly" is always meant as an insult, whereas becoming more masculine or "one of the guys" is perceived as an improvement. It really shouldn't be an either/or because it is possible to appreciate things of beauty but still aspire to weightier things.


I like your post regarding talk it is good, but if you have recognized that you value more than that for your little girl and experience influenced to cure her beyond how she looks, then perhaps submitting more about women activities.

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