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This is such a 'sweet' idea. They are so pretty and look yummy too. A great gift for a grandma on Mothers Day from her little lovely.


Your idea is sooooo nice! I am going to make some of this as favor for the birthday's party of my kids!

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Great idea! Last year, my kids made flowers using tissue paper and gave them out to the kids in the hospital. I'm sure the kids will love these...BIG thank you!

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This is interesting project!My student has a surprised for me this coming valentines day!


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I'm getting married and I was looking for some ideas for winter wedding flowers. My colors are light pink and espresso brown. THANKS FOR THE IDEAS!

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I really love this
Your idea is sooooo nice!

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it's really awesome.. i love it..

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I have been looking through your blog, I love your projects they are so cute and the fabric projects are awesome.Thanks for sharing,


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This is really cute! I'm thinking of mixing it with real bouquet of flowers. A cute valentines gift!


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Wow this is really nice idea that you have shared. I was really looking for this kind of information.


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Well this really nice trick to make lollipop flower for valentine day. I will definitely try to make lollipop flower by myself.

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Cindy (silk wedding bouquets)

Wow, this is a great craft for kids to make! simply gorgeous.


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